Download ShowBox on TiVo

ShowBoxOlden days, when we need to watch a movie, we will have to either go the cinema or then rent the old VDR from the shops. But as the technology has changed the things in the entertainment world has also shaped and new things are evolved. Now the thing is you can get all the required things in the smartphone by a click, it applies to the entertainment segment. With Ultrafast internet and good devices, you can download and instantly watch a movie within seconds of making the choice.

All the content that is produced is available in digital format, ranging from TV Shows to Movies all in mobile support formats. And many application is providing these content.

One of the most popular applications in this space is ShowBox.

Here are few important and noticeable features of ShowBox.

  1. ShowBox offers a wide range and diverse content from the new release to old movies.
  2. The movies and TV shows are categorized separately and the internal structuring of the videos based on the genre and year makes the application worth to stick to.
  3. You can get the content in two forms, either you can directly stream the content on the go or else you can download the offline version of the video, then access it via different players.
  4. You can also screencast the video to the bigger and larger screen with Chromecast, Kodi or Roku support.

How to get ShowBox on TiVo:

  1. Connect your TV to TiVo and then make sure you are Wi-FI is enabled in the Settings.
  2. You can connect your mobile device also to the same Wi-Fi Network.
  3. Download and Install ShowBox app on the mobile device.
  4. Now, select the video that you wish to watch and it will show up in the application.
  5. There will be three dots on top of a video and select this and choose TiVo.
  6. The video will appear on the Big screen.

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