Download ShowBox on Nexus Player

ShowBoxOnline streaming and movie watching is the latest hype in the internet medium. People have moved from the old trend of watching a movie and TV shows in the theatre and other platforms to moving into the world of internet realm. People like to have things on there own schedule and watch it at their pace. Which is not possible in the TV or other streaming modes. So they like to choose the app which makes these things simple.

Also paying for all the entertainment stuff are gonna make a hole in your pocket and burn a lot of cash for entertainment so they look for the cheap and quality platform. And knowing these gaps many developers have created a great application on the market which solves all these problems and generates a great user experience for watching TV shows and Movies.

One such kind of app is ShowBox.

There are many streaming apps on the market and none can match the quality of ShowBox on the device. Here are few features of ShowBox listed below.

  1. ShowBox has an excellent user interface to download and was watch movies.
  2. You can either download the movie and stream the movie directly into the app or use the application can switch to the third party media player.
  3. You can also search for the subtitle via the in-app player and get the online subtitle.

How to Download ShowBox on Nexus Player:

  1. You need to connect the mobile device to the same network as that of the Nexus player.
  2. Then in the mobile, install the latest version of the ShowBox (Download).
  3. Then choose the movie and then select the pixel quality that you which to stream.
  4. You can select the available TV screen and it will be displayed on to the screen.
  5. By this way, you can get the ShowBox app on Nexus Player.

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