Download ShowBox for Netgear

ShowBoxWatching TV shows or movies is a great part of the entertainment and for many these things can be changed into a part of their daily lifestyle. We keep ourselves occupied with TV shows and movies, this makes us enjoy the day. But watching the TV or movies on the big screen is not a current thing. But when we are with friends and or family we watch it together.

The content is available on the internet in different platform and most of them are paid subscription, on disadvantage is that the distributed platform makes impossible to gather all the things in the same account, so we need to have an all in one platform for all the movies and content.

To bridge this gap with the solution, there is much new application in the market which helps us solve the issue. One of many kinds of the app is ShowBox.

 ShowBox Features:

  1. ShowBox is an all in one application that video contents.
  2. Everyday new content is added to the app and this keeps the user attached to the application because the other platform doesn’t keep the content fresh. Whenever the new content is added, it will readily available in the application.
  3. ShowBox has neatly arranged the content in genre and year wise, you can easily find this by navigating through the application.

Download ShowBox for Netgear Media Player:

Netgear Media player is a TV box, that delivers content to the TV connected via HDMI.

  1. You need to connect the Netgear player to the internet.
  2. Download ShowBox.
  3. You will have the download button to get the app to the device.
  4. Once you have downloaded the application, you can connect the mobile device to the same network and then screen cast the video to the Big screen.

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