Download ShowBox on MacOS

ShowBox is the top-rated entertainment application that is available in the market right now with a huge bundle of movies and TV Shows. Showbox is filled with rich in-app features and you can easily watch your favorite videos in the app without any lag.

Showbox is currently available directly only in Android devices and to install this in the MacOS you need to have few things installed on the Mac and here we will guide you in detail with the steps.

Install Showbox in MacOS using GenyMotion.

GenyMotion is the Android emulator that is available in the Mac that allows you to run the famous android apps and games in the MacOS.

1) First of all, if you have don’t have the GenyMotion, you need to install it on the Mac.

2. Go to the official website of GenyMotion –

3. You need to create a GenyMotion account and it will be used to login to the application later.

4. For good working of GenyMotion, you need to have Virtual Box installed on the Mac.

5. Now start the GenyMotion and you can create a new device with the desired setting and then start the device.

6. Once your device boots and get the Home screen you can install the ShowBox app in the device.

7. Go to the Showbox official download page.

8. In the official download page, you will have a link to get the latest APK.

9. Once the latest APK is downloaded you can drag and drop the APK file in the system and it will start installing on the device.

10. That its all done you can easily start watching the TV shows and movies on the app.

Run ShowBox on MacOS using Nox.

If you are having any troubles with GenyMotion you can use Nox Emulator.

It is same as that of the Genymotion player but it doesn’t require a virtual box of running the application on the devices

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