Download ShowBox on Google Home

Google Home is the great device from Google that helps you connect with the Internet and access the contents available on the internet. It uses the voice commands from the user and they produce the search results and then reads it to the user.

Google Home syncs with all the mobile devices and then with the Google account based on the preferences in the devices.

ShowBox is an online mobile streaming application which includes all the video content such TV shows, movies and the trailers. It is one of the most used streaming application over the internet.

Features of ShowBox:

  1. ShowBox has the option is either stream the video directly from the stream or to download the video to the local storage then watch it later.
  2. Showbox also allows you to change the quality of the content ranging from low quality in 144p to FULL HD of 1080p.
  3. All the content in ShowBox application is organised based on the movie name and then a year of release.
  4. ShowBox includes IMDB rating for the movie and TV show so you will be able to identify the movies based on the ratings.
  5. The good and stable interface of Showbox allows you to easily search and get the required things in the application.
  6. You can also cast the streams to the connected application and other display in the devices.

How to Install ShowBox on Google Home:

  • Make sure you are connected to the good internet and the Google Home is also on the same network.
  • Download ShowBox on Google Home.
  • In that, you will find the link to download the app on the device.
  • After downloading the application, open it to install it on the device and you will have few things to set up.
  • Once done you are free to use the application and then access the content.

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