Download ShowBox on Google Fiber TV

ShowBoxPeople use many kinds of app for watching TV shows and movies on different platforms and devices. Users need to download every app and the login to each app. They would also have to pay for each app to get the streaming features. This is because all our favourite shows are disturbed across different apps and you need to have specific ones for each.

This can be quite confusing and cost hunter for the users because you can spend a large most of money for these apps subscriptions. So people look for the free alternative to watch the movies and TV shows. This is offered by apps such as ShowBox.

ShowBox is one kind of streaming app that is very famous among the users. ShowBox provides a simple and clean user interface to search and download movies from the app.

ShowBox app has the option to either download the app or just stream the movie or TV show from the server directly.   You can choose the option based on your interest to either watch the movie in online or get the movie to the device and watch it on the go.

ShowBox lets you choose the quality of video that is required for download and the stream. So you can have the device compatible video format and size. You can also sort the movie and Tv shows based on the year and IMDb rating parameter. You can easily find the top-rated movie in this format.

How to Install ShowBox on Google Fiber TV:

  1. In other to install on FIber TV, you have to make sure that the TV is powered by any Android TV boxes.
  2. Then, go the Setting => Developer option and then enable the installation from the Unknown sources options.
  3. Once you have marked this, you can get the ShowBox APK in the device and install the app.
  4. Once all done, you can get the device running ShowBox and watch movies on it.

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