Download ShowBox on Google Chromebook

ShowBoxEvery time you need to watch a movie, you will either need to get them download the movie to the laptop/computer or go to some sites where you can watch the movie. But these things can be quite little difficult, because, the movie which you are finding will not be available or it will not be downloaded sometime.

Because ShowBox makes it easy for the user to watch the required movies without any trouble. There are many alternatives for the ShowBox app but its functionality and frequent updates make it stay ahead of the other apps in the same market.

Chromebook is an extremely portable notebook device from Google. It runs on ChromeOS and all the data are synced to the cloud. It’s extremely simple and it will be useful for handling all the document handling and other simple stuffs.

Download ShowBox on Google Chromebook:

  1. You need to have the latest version of Chrome running on the Chromebook. If not you can try updating the version to latest one.
  2. Next thing is you will need to an Add-on installed for running the app on the Chromebook.
  3. You can find the Web Store on the Google browser tab and click on the Webstore and search for Arc Welder.
  4. You will find the Arc Welder add-on and click on Add to Chrome button to install it on the browser.
  5. Head to chrome://apps/ and you will have the plugin Arc Welder installed and displayed.
  6. Open ARC  welder and it will have an option to add the APK file.
  7. Now, go to Official download page of ShowBox app and get the APK file downloaded into the Chromebook.
  8. After adding the APK, click on Test and the app will be running in the Chromebook.

One thought on “Download ShowBox on Google Chromebook

  1. Love the app most times. Can pretty much find any movie or show you want to see. But there are times when you’re watching a movie and bout 15 to 20 mins into it .. The sounds stops. Which is pretty irritating when you really want to see such show. Plus what’s up with not updating the WWE raw shows. There hasn’t been a new show in 3 maybe 4 weeks and why not add smackdown as well. Overall great app just needs a little more fine tuning.

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