Download Showbox v12.7


Whenever we decide to watch a movie in the movie theatre and we come to know that there are multiple options available, we often end up in confusion. Similar, when we open the Netflix app and we see tons of movie option, again it becomes very difficult for us to decide the movie that we should be watching. Well, you can now decide confidently decide the movie that you want to watch with the help of Showbox v12.7. The Showbox v12.7 app is a movie reviewing app. The app allows you to read genuine movie reviews. Showbox v12.7 is connected with popular other movie reviewing websites like the MetaCritic, TMDB, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. 

Showbox v12.7 also allows you to check the information of the upcoming movies. You can know the release date of an upcoming movies on Showbox v12.7. The app is very light-weight and it is a must have app for you if you love watching movies. You can also use the Showbox v12.7 app to check the official trailer of the movie. Showbox v12.7 also give information about the box office collection of the movie. One can also check the crew members who are working on the movie on the Showbox v12.7 app. 

Features of ShowBox v12.7

  • Genuine movie reviews
  • Linked with Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, TMDB and MetaCritic and many other sites.
  • 100% free. 
  • Lightning-fast
  • Release date of movies are available. 
  • Provides detailed movie review. 
  • Crew member information is available. 
  • Official video trailer is available. 
  • Light-weighted app. 
  • Box-office collection can be checked. 

Download Showbox v12.7

  1. Go to the Settings of your smartphone and then tap on “Security.”
  2. Under the “Device Administration” section of Settings, toggle on “Unknown Sources.”
  3. Download Showbox v12.7
  4. Open the downloaded file of Showbox v12.7 from the folder and then tap on “Install.”
  5. Wait for the installation process of Showbox v12.7 to be completed.