Download ShowBox on Windows Phone

All love watching TV shows and movies and there are many streaming portals that allows you to watch our favorite shows online. The content is disturbed along different providers and website and you need to have an active subscription to all these portal to enjoy the movies.

Hence to avoid this kind of issues any application came in with organizing all the shows and movies under a single application. One such kind of application is Showbox.

Windows Phone from the manufactures of Nokia and other brands run the windows mobile operating system. These devices are moderate in the count and have a good user interface. Here is a simple kind of guide for download Showbox on windows phone.

Features of ShowBox:

Showbox has a great collection of movies and TV shows across all the available genres.
The categorization of TV shows and movies are based on the years and genres.
You can easily navigate to the application with simple actions.
There are two ways to watch the movies in the Showbox, they can watch using the online streaming player and then download the movie and then later play it.

How to download the Showbox for Windows:

  1. Go to the official windows official Showbox download page.
  2. You will be able to download the Showbox file from the link displayed.
  3. Once the XAP file is download, copy the file to the SD card root.
  4. Now, reboot the window phone and wait for a while.
  5. Once the phone is rebooted, go to Start => Store and click on the SD card icon.
  6. You will be displayed with the list of all files of XAP application in the device.
  7. Once the app is loaded, click on it to install on the device.
  8. Once you have installed the application. Once again reboot the device.

Then you can seamlessly watch unlimited movies from the app.

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