Download ShowBox on Kodi

Kodi is an open source TV platform and enables your TV with all the smart features required on it. Kodi is famous for the wide variety of add-ons that are available on the network.You can connect any HDMI connected TV with Kodi and it will be possible to stream videos from the internet and install, run the application on it.

The Kodi add-ons are mostly streaming content providers which gives users the unlimited access to the data.One of such applications is ShowBox which is very famous in the Android devices.

Features of Showbox:

  • Showbox lets you watch all the latest TV shows and movies without any cost, absolutely for free.
  • Showbox has all the contents daily updated in the app.
  • You can easily mark our movies and TV shows as a favorite and it will help you follow it with the latest update.

How to Install Showbox in Kodi:

  1. Open Setting in the Kodi system. Click on the gear icon in the system and scroll down to find the file manager.
  2. In the file manager, you can add the source of the new plugin that you need to install using the Kodi.
  3. In the new pop-up that appears, you will have the text field and you can paste the following
  4. It’s a super repo that hosts all the add-ons of the Kodi system, click “OK” and you can go back to the Kodi main screen.
  5. Once the repo is done, go to Package and choose install from ZipĀ file and then select the Super Repo in the list.
  6. Now you need to select the version of Kodi and the repo required for the system and which is compatible with the setting that you have marked.
  7. You can now search the repo for the Showbox addon and install it.
  8. Once installed, you need to enable the add-on.
  9. After the process, the add-on will be available in the list and select it to watch the required TV shows and Movies.

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