Download ShowBox on D-link Streaming Media Player

ShowBoxD-link Streaming Media Player is a similar platform to that of the other streaming box and that is available in the market. Which bring in home entertainment via the Internet. You will need to connect to a box with your TV and it will pull the content via the different platform and stream it on the screen. One of the biggest disadvantages of these type of Boxes is that they are overpriced and you will need to pay the monthly subscription for watching movies and TV shows on it.

Also not all your favorite content will be available in the platform as some the content are available in specific one’s such  Amazon or Netflix and this is quite hurting for the user who pays and don’t get any worth of it.

So we have to think of an alternative medium which gives access to various platforms and streams media.

The best and famous alternative for this kind of platforms is ShowBox.

ShowBox is an online entertainment box which brings in all the valuable content into a single app and gives the user an ability to get all movie and TV shows for absolutely zero cost. Thereby you will not be charged anything for the entertainment.

You can easily switch between the quality of the videos that are played on the device. You can also get all the choice to download the movie to the local storage and watch it later.

Install ShowBox on D-link Streaming Media Player:

Here’s a guide on installation of ShowBox app. Follow it –

  1. First of all you will require to Download ShowBox on your device.
  2. Then get the app installed on the device.
  3. After that, you will need to connect the app to the same device network.
  4. Stream the content from the mobile device to the player and watch unlimited entertainment stuff on it.

4 thoughts on “Download ShowBox on D-link Streaming Media Player

  1. Why are most of the movies no longer available on show box for my android? they cant be downloaded and we cannot see them in show box app any more for example gods of Egypt can not be downloaded or view within the app any longer and that is just one example almost half of all the movies and a third of the TV shows cant be view any longer

  2. i really wish this would work with firestick you need a cursor it installs loads plays but you can only go down you can click on other tv shows or movies because of a cursor

  3. Why can’t I watch new episodes it keeps on playing the same episode all the time if even if I select the new episode

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